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June 2013


Time Matters Mobility Now Includes Document Records



The new Documents option let you:


-          View a list of documents in Time Matters

-          Search for a certain document in Time Matters

-          View the Time Matters document record details

-          Email one or more documents


Billing Services Available


Need help getting your bills done?Check out our Bills Out Legal Billing Service.


Important Notice for Time Matters and Billing Matters Users on Microsoft Office 2003

Service Pack 2 for Time Matters / Billing Matters 12 is expected soon.This release will not support Microsoft Office 2003 and Exchange Server 2003.Do not install Service Release 2 if you are using Office and Exchange 2003.


ActionStep Launches New Interface

Cloud-based practice management vendor ActionStep has updated the look of the product with a new matter panel navigation buttons and improved menu structure.The sample below shows the header containing an easy-to-add client photo and matter description, a drop-down bar that lists related matters, the Steps bar with the current step underlined and future steps grayed and buttons that move you to these panels of the matter form: Home (Overview), Parties, Steps, File Notes, Tasks, Email, Alerts, Documents, Reports, Billing and Accounting, and custom data entry forms.



Want to learn more about ActionStep?

Click here to view a video describing ActionStep, and call or email me to schedule a personalized demo.



Billing Matters Accounting Sunsets Soon


If you are using the accounting option in Billing Matters, you have just a few months before this product sunsets.The Accounting menu will show if you have activated the Billing Matters Accounting features. The sunset will occur with the release of Time Matters/Billing Matters 13. This means you should not upgrade to this version until you have transitioned the accounting portion of Billing Matters to another product, because accounting will be gone in version 2013. I recommend transitioning to QuickBooks using the Billing Matters/QuickBooks link. Click here to read the LexisNexis white paper on the Billing Matters Accounting sunset, and contact me for help with this transition. To clarify, the accounting features are Check-writing, Check Registers, Bank Reconciliation, General Ledger and Accounts Payable. If you are not using these, this announcement does not apply to you.


Please call me if you have any questions.



Whatís New in Timeslips 2014?


Timeslips 2014 is scheduled for release this month. New functionality in this version includes:

-      Automatic Time Capture.Timeslips can now monitor the activity of the various windows and applications youíre running and keep track of the time that each window is active. TimeCapture keeps track of the time spent on individual documents within applications like Microsoft Word, web sites opened in your browser, and all other desktop activity. This feature replaces the TSTimer application. Functions of the TSTimer are now included in the new TimeCapture application.

-      Timeslips Calendar (added in version 2013) now syncs with Google calendar.

-      TAL Pro, the Timeslips connection to QuickBooks, has been enhanced and includes among other improvements, a ďready to postĒ dialog that presents the transactions to be posted to QuickBooks.Here is the Summary tab of that dialog:


-      No more CDís.This upgrade is available by download only.

Click here to see a list of new features added in prior versions of Timeslips.

Time Matters Price Increase

LexisNexis has increased prices for Time Matters by 3-4%.Billing Matters prices have not changed.This change affects both new purchasers and those renewing their AMPís.

Your Time Matters Questions Answered


Question_MarkIn this new column I will answer the questions most often asked about Time Matters.The first concern integration with Outlook.


Q.How do I re- establish the Time Matters link with Outlook?


A.In Outlook, select File > Options > Add-Ins and at the bottom of this window set Manage to Disabled Items. Help > Disabled Items and click Go. (For earlier versions of Outlook use Help > Disabled Items.) Look for LexisNexis Practice Management integration.If itís there, highlight it and click Enable.


If LexisNexis Practice Management is enabled, and you still canít link...

-      Exit Time Matters, Outlook and all other MS Office Applications.

-      Right-click your Time Matters icon and pick Run as Administrator.

-      In Time Matters, go to File > Setup > General > Workstation Level.

-      Click Additional Program Setup.

-      Uncheck Outlook and TMConnect transfers regarding information to Outlook and click OK.

-      Open File > Setup > General > Workstation Level again.Outlook should be checked. Also check TMConnect transfers regarding information to Outlook.

-      Open Outlook.

Q. Outlook is not prompting me to save outgoing emails to Time Matters.How do I turn on that option?


A. In Outlook select File > Options > Add-Ins.


-      Highlight LexisNexis Practice management Integration.


-      Click the Add-in Options button.








-       Check Prompt to Connect when Sending an Email.



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