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May 2008

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    Michigan Visit June 2008

 I will be in Michigan for on-site visits the week of June 2 - 6. This is a great opportunity to meet face to face for advice on better automating your practice, training, upgrade assistance and problem-solving. To schedule a visit, please go to Announcements and click Schedule on site visit. A non-refundable travel fee plus a deposit for services will be charged in advance.

Time Matters Again
LexisNexis has decided to drop the "Front Office" and "Back Office" branding and return to the original product names. So, you will start to see Time Matters referred to again as Time Matters, PCLaw as PCLaw, and Billing Matters as Billing Matters. This was in response to feedback from the CIC community and other users. The full product names are:

   - PCLaw(TM) Billing and Accounting Software
   - Time Matters(R) Practice Management Software
   - Billing Matters(R) Billing and Accounting Software

Time Matters/Billing Matters/PCLaw/HotDocs Users' Conference
Mark your calendars for the first ever LexisNexis Practice Management Software Users Conference. The conference will be held in Chicago from August 14 - 16. I'll pass on further details when they become available.

June GPSOLO goes Back to Basics
The June issue of GPSOLO will feature articles on practice management software basics. My contribution discusses what to look for in basic billing and accounting software. GPSOLO Magazine is published by the General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division of the ABA.

Free Demo/Consultation
Thinking of upgrading but not sure it's worth it? Need to see what Case Management Software is all about? Schedule a free web-based demo of the latest version of Time Matters, Billing Matters or PCLaw to see if the upgrade (or a first time purchase) is right for your firm. To sign up go to www.absims.com and click Sign up for Free Time Matters Demo.

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