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October 2007

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    Time Matters Upgrade Season

Time Matters upgrade season is here again, and this year's Time Matters has a new look from top to bottom, or should I say, from front to back. 

The first change is the name.  Version 9.0 is called Lexis Front Office powered by Time Matters 9.0.  If you use Billing Matters, it's called Lexis Back Office powered by Billing Matters 9.0.  If you use both, it's Lexis Front & Back Office...you get the idea. 
This version is paperless and diskless! You will print your own copy of the PDF manual if you desire one.  When you order version 9.0 your product code will be "shipped" to you via email with a link to your personalized download site.
This Time Matters version is the most attractively designed version yet.  Power Views have been redesigned, there is more use of color, lookup buttons have been redesigned and dropdowns replace toolbar buttons to make some selectors less cluttered.
Now, for the new functionality.  Here are highlights:
Front Office/Time Matters
• Five new user-definable record types let you keep track of more types of information.
• Up to 100 staff can be assigned to a calendar entry and other records.
• Re-engineered Microsoft Exchange Server synchronization.
• Updated Power Views.
• A new Search Filter box on lists replaces the redundant go to box.
• Security Profile now includes Special Exceptions, making it easier to apply record-based and field-based restrictions to a group of users.
Back Office/Billing Matters
• Create a bill from sub-list.
• Funds balances by matter report.
• Calendar billing view enhanced.
View my presentation of these and other version 9.0 features at http://www.absims.com/ABServic/TMTrain.asp.
Discount pricing is available through October 31.  Contact me to discuss how you can put version 9 to work for your firm.

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