January 2018

CosmoLex Issue

This is the first in a series featuring my recommended cloud-based case management solutions.




Benefits of Cloud-Based Software

No more in-house server headaches and software upgrade installs.







About CosmoLex
Headquarters: Monmouth Junction, NJ
Designed for: Solo and Small Law Firms
Case management with an emplasis on Billing, Accounting and Trust Accounting. 



 Since 2015





Look for my article The Why and How of Remote Time Entry in the January/February issue of GPSOLO Magazine.



CosmoLex 5.0: Redesigned for Ease of Use


CosmoLex cloud-based practice management has made great improvements to its layout, navigation and search capabilities to put you a few clicks from the key information you need about your client files.  This all-in-one solution helps you manage your cases and bridges the billing and accounting gap. 



All of the places you need to go to are neatly arranged in the new left side navigation bar.  Hover to expand it as needed, and it neatly retracts after you make your selection. The new right side navigation bar is the tool for launching searches and other jobs such as entering your time, expenses and transactions. 




A horizontal toolbar sits on top of lists for actions such as viewing details, adding, editing and exporting items on the list to Excel, CSV or PDF.  It also contains a link to context-sensitive help videos.





The CosmoLex Matters list is the feature that initially impressed me most about the product.  Here you will see the key financial information about each matter: Balance Owed, Balance in Trust, and Balance in Operating Retainer (i.e. credit balance).

Left side:

Right side:



Search any list by combinations of criteria, including custom fields.  You may search your Time and Expense entries by billing status, type, timekeeper, payment method (for expenses), and many other criteria.  


You may search your matters by receivable and trust balances including ranges, and many other criteria.


Lists are hot-sortable.  Just click on the column heading to sort.


Mobile App


CosmoLex includes a free mobile app for entering your time and expenses, and managing your calendar.  You may also use it to work with matters, including notes, tasks and documents related to matters, including viewing PDFs of invoices.




CosmoLex is $49/user/month paid annually, or $59 paid monthly. Call me at 816-698-2488 or email for details.  Click here for a free trial.