Bills Out

Your Sage Timeslips® Questions Answered

  1. There is text printing on my bills that I don't want there. How do I get this text off my bills?

  2. My monthly totals report doesn't show payments for some clients.

  3. How do I group my clients by category?

  4. Can I underline text within the description on my slips?

  5. Which accounting programs link with Timeslips?

  6. I'm still using an older version of Timeslips. What features have been added to the newer versions?

  7. I'm having trouble setting up rates. How do hourly billing rates work in Timeslips?

  8. We're getting a new server. How do we re-install our Timeslips program to it?

  9. How does the Timeslips/QuickBooks link work?

  10. I've created a custom section in the bill layout, but it doesn't show on the bill.

  11. How to I "write-off" a client's balance?

  12. I need to undo a bill, but when I go to Bills > Approve or to Clear Bills, it's not on the "undoable" list.

  13. There are several situations that can cause a bill to not appear on the Undoable list:

    - You've already undone the bill. Check the upper right corner of a slip that was on the bill. If billed (and possibly undoable) the billed invoice number and date will show:

    - Creating a new bill for the client. Timeslips can only undo the last approved bill.
    - Changing a billing arrangement
    - Editing, deleting or purging a slip or transaction that was on the bill
    - Writing off the bill
    - Adding a split billing rule.
    - Rebuilding accounts receivable for the client.

    Contact us for help reversing bill that is not on the Undoable list.

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