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Timeslips 2014 Adds Great Options for Slip List

Timeslips 2014 released in June 2013 gives you greater control over the slip list including limiting which slips show on the list, setting colors for bars, hiding or showing totals, showing a slip count and many more options. Several themes are available containing pre-defined slip list attributes. You may also clear formatting when pasting text from other applications to avoid undesirable formatting on your bills. The slip list enhancements improve speed when opening and navigating the slip list, and respond to other popular requests from Timeslips users. Other enhancements include:

- Enter and view slips in the same dialog.

- Automatic Time Capture. Timeslips can now monitor the activity of the various windows and applications you’re running and keep track of the time that each window is active. You may review and edit the captured time and convert it to slips.

- The Timeslips Calendar now synchs with Google calendar.

- TalPro enhancements that greatly improve the connection between Timeslips and QuickBooks.

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