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Getting it done with ActionStep

ActionStep is web-based practice management software with a unique focus on the tasks it takes to get your work done. ActionStep presents your cases, participants and tasks in visually compelling windows including Matter Overview and Steps for completion.

ActionStep is a complete law practice management solution with document merge, email and document management, web forms, billing, accounting and employee management. Contact us to schedule a demo of ActionStep.

Your ActionStep Questions Answered

How do I share information between related matters in ActionStep?

The Related Matters feature in ActionStep lets you view related matters from the Overview panel, fill in common data when creating new related matters, and view File Notes for all related matters in a single list. This article shows how to use this feature:
Related Matters in ActionStep

How do I make documents I’ve uploaded to ActionStep available to my clients?

ActionStep’s Client Portal lets you provide securely access for your clients. You add a login for each of your clients so they can download and upload documents to their file. You may also show other information such as case progress and key dates. There is no additional license fee for client access. This guide provides the steps for setting up the Client Portal:
Client Portal Settings - ActionStep

What happens to email attachments in ActionStep?

First, emails coming into ActionStep will appear in the email box for the matter. This happens when the matter number is referenced in the subject line of the email. For example, id=233 in the subject line will send the email to the email box of matter #233. The attachments will appear as links on the email AND on the Documents list for the matter, in the Email Attachments folder.

How do I create a receipt for a payments in ActionStep?

ActionStep stores receipt information for general and trust payments received from your clients, but receipt templates are not included with your database. Here are some sample templates, and instructions for installing and using them. The templates are in docx (Word 2010 and higher) format. Feel free to modify them for your purposes.

  • Sample receipts and instructions for installing and using them
  • TRUST Receipt - Blue Bar Style
  • TRUST Receipt - Table Style
  • TRUST Receipt - Slip Style
  • GENERAL Receipt - Blue Bar Style


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