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Billing Matters is the award winning time & billing software from the makers of Time Matters  Arita Damroze, president of A.B. Sims, LLC, was one of the first consultants to become a Billing Matters Certified Professional. For help with Billing Matters call 816-698-2488.


Billing Matters Editable Reports Feature Package Description - Expand Billing Matters reports with Report Feature Packages described here. Contact us for download and installation instructions.

Analyzing Staff Time with Billing Matters - This article describes the Productivity, Profitability and Receipt Allocations available from Billing Matters Standard Reports and how to produce them.

Here is a list of key changes and enhancements to the last several versions of Billing Matters.

Improvements Added to Billing Matters 16.3:

  • Option to skip printing when emailing bills to clients.

  • You can now set classification codes as billable. This allows you to designate as billable all records added with a certain bill code.

Improvements Added to Billing Matters 16.2:

  • Bill Flow Manager now maintains tagged records for pre-bills and bills.

  • Improved search on Billing Items List

  • Time Sheet now allows you to access other parts of Time Matters while it is open

Billing Matters 15.0. Changes (released November 2015):

  • Correction to Excel Export Issue.

  • Time Sheet and Quick Item rounding now follows Billing Preferences.

  • Correction to prompt to select already selected account when adding a transaction.

  • Phase codes available when adding a time entry from Timesheet or Navigator.

Billing Matters 14.0. Changes (released October 2014):

  • Correction to Billing Record timer issue.

Billing Matters 13.0.  Changes (released October 2013):

  • Accounting Functions (General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Bank Account Registers and Reconciliation) removed.

Billing Matters 12.0.  Changes (released December 2012):

  • Can copy Bill Profiles, Billing Preferences and Rate Tables.

  • Corrections to reported issues including changes to interest calculation (does not compound) and No Charge and Do Not Bill functions.

Billing Matters 11.0.  Enhancements (released April 2011):

  • Enter biling items on your smart phone with the new Time Matters Mobility option.

  • Corrections to reported issues including improvements to Billing Item entry, BillFlow Manager, Send to Billing and Billing Sublist functions.

  • The History Bill now includes archived items.

Billing Matters 10.0.  Changes:

  • Corrections to reported issues including improvements to Client Ledger, BillFlow Manager, and tax calculation functions.

Billing Matters 9.0.  Released in September 2007, Billing Matters 9.0 offers these changes:

  • You may use AutoTXT codes now on the Transaction entry form and on Quick Item Entry.

  • Trust and Receipt Allocation Report enhancements.

  • Create bills from tagged sub-list items.

  • Billing Calendar shows staff next to each item

Billing Matters 8.0, released in September 2006, adds numerous enhancements.  Here are a few:

  • Billing Matters now includes accounting (formerly Billing Matters Plus)

  • AutoTXT available on all record types

  • A/R and Funds opening balances tool makes it easier to bring balances forward into Billing Matters

  • Billing Preferences wizard

  • Client Ledger report

  • Filtering on Account Register

  • Customize Pre-Bill Layouts

  • Email Invoices


What's New in Billing Matters 7.0 

What's New in Billing Matters 6.0.  

Billing Matters Informational Seminar - Slides from 2003 seminar. Includes tips for converting from Timeslips to Billing Matters.




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