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PCLaw 10 Announced
Timeslips 2010 Released
Address Change
Time Matters 10 Announced
TABS3 and PracticeMaster 15.2
Attention Billing Matters Users
HotDocs 2009 Released
Technical Alert for Time Matters and LNTPA Users


I have moved! My new office address is:
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Please take a moment to update my address in your records.


The 18th version of Timeslips was released last month. Those of you who are still using Timeslips 8 are now ten versions behind! The product has been on a one-year upgrade cycle for some time, and I have always recommended weighing the new version offerings against the firm's needs. If you are ten years behind, however, you need to upgrade. Period. Those of you on more recent versions should consider "must have" features, and compatibility considerations (hardware, linked applications, operating systems, etc.) when considering the upgrade. Also consider whether you are ready to move to an integrated system (see Billing Only).

To help you get started, here are my top ten new features from the last 10 releases of Timeslips.

My Top 10 New Features of the Last 10 Timeslips Versions

Timeslips 9.0/9.1: Unlimited slips.
Timeslips 10/10.5: Unlimited clients, tasks and timekeepers.
Timeslips 11: Print bills to PDF.
Timeslips 2004: Email bills.
Timeslips 2005: Drill down on bill preview.
Timeslips 2006: Send reports to Excel.
Timeslips 2007: Cover page for bills.
Timeslips 2008: More filtering options for bills.
Timeslips 2009: Calculated fields in reports.
Timeslips 2010: New field types for custom fields.

Billing Only

Timeslips continues to excel in the pure billing category. If you are looking for integrated billing, accounting and case management, consider moving to one of the other products covered in this issue.



Lexis Recently Announced Time Matters 10.0.  The product is expected to ship soon.  Look for improved stability, a SQL only platform (it will ship with Microsoft SQL Express), enhanced Power Views, expanded TM Outlook Connect options and Desktop Extensions for quick access to Time Matters data without loading the full program. I will provide more details once version 10 is released. 

Time Matters Pro Users: Prepare for SQL

Users of Time Matters Professional should prepare for the move to the SQL platform before attempting to install version 10. Do not attempt to use Time Matters 10 in a peer-to-peer environment.  Make sure your server and workstations meet the recommended system requirements.

Lexis AMP Incentive Offer

If you have Time Matters and/or Billing Matters and you do not have the Annual Maintenance Plan, Lexis is offering a 30% discount on the plan if ordered by July 31. The rest of this article is for firms without an AMP and firms without Time Matters or Billing Matters.  If you have an AMP, you may skip the rest of this article.  If you are not sure about your AMP status, contact me. The AMP, introduced last year provides 1) live answer tech support and 2) upgrades to new versions released during the AMP period.

Time Matter Upgrade Pricing Examples

The upgrade price varies depending on your current version. If you are on Time Matters 8.0 Professional, the regular upgrade (AMP) price for two users is $550. The sale price is $385.

If you are on Time Matters 8.0 Professional with Billing Matters, the regular upgrade (AMP) price for two users is $1,100. The sale price is $770.

Time Matters New User Pricing Example

Time Matters 10 pricing for new users is not available yet, but new users can purchase version 9, and with the AMP receive version 10 when it is released.  A two-user license for Time Matters Professional is $1,000 with AMP.

If you are considering upgrading or purchasing Time Matters for the first time, contact me for a quote soon to take advantage of the current pricing.

Not using Time Matters yet?  Contact me for a free demo consultation to see how this product can organize your practice.


This is a technical release offering better foreign language support via Unicode and XML replaces the proprietary format of prior versions. My version 2008 templates converted up without a hitch. 

If you need to improve document production in you office, read my article Do You Need HotDocs? and contact me for help implementing the best document automation approach for your office.


Safe Custody Physical File Manager Added

PCLaw 10, due for release this summer, will include a new Safe Custody file management system for tracking the location of physical files. This is an expansion of the "Front Office" options in PCLaw which include calendaring, phone calls and document management.

Other Improvements

All PCLaw Pro functions are now included with PCLaw.  These include extended reporting, a SQL database option, major client grouping for consolidated billing and check and bill requisition.

Automatic, scheduled backup.

Better control over the order in which items appear on the bill with the new Time Entry Ranking option.

Option to track time in hours:min format.

Edit and refresh pre-bill display without leaving the screen.

Pay off prior balances from Trust at the time of billing.

Upgrade Cost

If you are on a LexisNexis Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP), the upgrade is free. If you are not on an AMP, you can upgrade by purchasing an AMP. The price varies depending on your current PCLaw version. For example, if you have 2 user licenses of PCLaw 8, the upgrade cost is $475.

New User Cost

The new user cost for PCLaw is $715 for the first user, plus $360 for each additional user.  This includes the AMP.  Without the AMP, the cost is $400 for the first user and $300 for each additional user.  There is a 20% off discount on the with AMP price through July 31, 2009.

TABS3 and PracticeMaster 15.2

I recently attended the TABS3 and PracticeMaster Dealers Forum.  The company, Software Technology, Inc. (STI) is in its 30th year as a leading legal software service company. The billing software, TABS3 comes with PracticeMaster Basic, integrated case management software.  This is a good upgrade option for firms looking for an affordable, robust legal billing program.  Consider these highlights of the new TABS3 and Practice Master version 15.2:

  • Top client report lets you view your top clients based on a variety of ranking criteria such as work-in-process, billing, receipts and much more..
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Find and Replace text
  • Copy and paste list view contents into other programs
  • Client Inactivity Report
  • Word, Excel and Acrobat integration

These and other enhancements make TABS3 and PracticeMaster a good upgrade option. 

TABS3 New User Pricing Example

TABS3 is priced based on number of timekeepers and starts at $295 for a single-user version with two timekeepers and $495 for a multi-user (up to 5 simultaneous users) version with two timekeepers. With the optional maintenance plan the prices start at $405 and $660. I have decided to add TABS3 and PracticeMaster to my offerings to give firms this option for upgrading from other products or getting started with billing and integrated case management.



I am offering free consultations to Billing Matters users to update you on the product status and offer advice on what course of action to take, if any, as Lexis changes course with regard to this product.  Click here to schedule your consultation. You have the option of a web-based or on-site consultation. (The on-site option is for Seattle area firms only). These are not a group sessions.  I wlil meet with each firm separately.


A Technical Alert was issued by Lexis on July 16, 2009. It applies to users of Time Matters and LexisNexis Total Practice Advantage who are using LNTPA's Microsoft Word integration. You will need to install a certificate in order to continue integrating Time Matters and LNTPA with Word after July 23, 2009. If you have not received the email alert or need assistance following the instructions, please contact me.

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