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Time Matters Features by Version    

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Time Matters 16

Time Matters 16 released in October 2016 offers these enhancements:

- Return of the classic calendar (daily Detail View)

- Monthly and Weekly calendar fly out to view multiple entries on a date

- Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and Windows Server 2016

- Document management integration with Microsoft OneDrive

Time Matters 16.1 adds these improvements:

- Mark multiple records Done or Not done from the Process menu

- Improved indexing and searching

Time Matters 16.2 has these improvements:

- Calendar flyout sizing based on user preference

- Better zoom capability on reports to screen, opening automatically to the preferred display size

Time Matters 16.3 has these improvements:

Calendar Enhancements

The Work Week calendar view can be configured to show seven days.

The Work Week Calendar view can be set as the default opening window.

The display of multi-day events can be set so they either span entire days or are flagged in the header only.

Counts for Document Versions

The document version tab provides a count of how many versions of a document exist.

Email bills without printing

Time Matters 15

Time Matters 15 was released November 2015 and offers these enhancements:

- Enlarge font size of calendar, lists and forms in one easy step.

- Expanded copy function to copy settings such as security profiles, Power Views and Quick Tabs.

- Stabilized merge and alarm functions.

- Fixes to several technical issues.

- Support for Windows 10, Office 2016 and integration with newer versions of Acrobat, WordPerfect, Microsoft Exchange, PCLaw, Timeslips and Juris.

Time Matters 15.1 adds the following enhancements:

- Ability to save and retrieve document from OneDrive with Time Matters document form.

- Integration with QuickBooks 2016, Adobe DC, WorlDox GX4 and PCLaw 15.x

- New Move Document relocation command lets you move documents from one folder to another and update the file path on the document record.

- New Refresh List button

- Correction of several technical issues

Time Matters 14

Time Matters 14 was released late 2014 and includes:

- A new calendar design which includes a customizable Work-Week view.

- Redesigned setup process that performs an in-place upgrade. This means you will no longer accumulate past versions of Time Matters--the upgrade installs over the prior version, saving time with upgrades.

- Corrections to various issues reported in version 13 and earlier.

Service Pack 14.1 adds:

- In-place upgrade from v11.x and 12.x to 14.1

- Juris Link Improvement: "Juris" tab added to the Contact and Matter forms

- Correction of several known issues

- Support added for QuickBooks 2015

- Support added for Timeslips 2015

- Support added for WordPerfect X7 (Limited Support)

Time Matters 13

Time Matters 13 was released in October 2013 and features a secure file sharing portal to grant your clients or others access to documents profiled in Time Matters. Through integration with WatchDox, you can easily upload documents to the cloud with the access rights you set. Options include:

- Define who can access the document

- Determine what they can do with the document--view, print or download

- Prevent screen captures of the file by displaying only small areas at a time

- Identify the timeframe that they can access the document

- Track the file’s whereabouts at all times and maintain an audit trail for compliance purposes

- Revoke access to files anytime

Contacts are notified of shared files by email and can view the files from any Internet-connected computer. Click here to view a video of this function. Version 13 also adds:

- In program automatic scheduled backup option

- Matter color-coding on calendar

- Improved Time Matters Messenger performance

Service Pack 13.1 adds support for:

- In program automatic scheduled backup option

- Matter color-coding on calendar

- Improved Time Matters Messenger performance

- QuickBooks 2014

- Timeslips 2014

- HotDocs 11

- Windows 8.1

- Internet Explorer 11

- Ability to Save Multiple Emails as Documents

- New Quarterly Recurring Events and ToDo's Option

Improvements to Billing Matters:
Additional values have been added to the Billing List Reports to allow for additional fields to be displayed on the report. The values are:

- Date - Select to display the data by Record Date or Billed Date.

- Duration - Select to display the Record Duration or Billed Duration / Quantity.

- If you select Record Duration, the "Time" value displays the record's start and end times.

- If you select Billed Duration / Quantity, the "Time" value is blank.

- Code - Select to display the Class Code (record classification code) or Billing Code.

Ability to Save Multiple Emails as Documents
New Quarterly Recurring Events and ToDo's Option

Service Pack 13.2 adds support for Microsoft Office Click-to-Run application installation technology.

Time Matters 12.0

Time Matters 12 was released late 2012 and features a Time Entry Advisor, TMConnect enhancements and the ability to work with Contacts and Matters from Outlook.

LexisNexis introduced Time Matters and Billing Matters 12 in December 2012. Here are the highlights:

  • TM Connect with Outlook how has an option to save emails to Time Matters in Outlook (msg) format.

  • The new Time Entry Advisor helps you view and manage capture billable time from the calendar and other Time Matters records.

  • Time Matters for Microsoft Outlook allows you to work with Time Matters contacts and matters from within Outlook. (Outlook 2007 SP3 or higher required.)

  • Save button (or CTRL+S) in Word, Excel and PowerPoint are now tied to TMSave for enforced document management.

  • Billing Matters corrections and enhancements.

  • Improved Time Matters PCLaw link.

  • Improvement to Time Matters Timeslips link.

  • Duration now required on events.

Service Pack 2 was released June 2013 adding:

  • Support for Windows 8.

  • Time Matters/Billing Matters QuickBooks link support for QuickBooks 2013.

  • Support for Microsoft Office 2013.

  • Support for 64-Bit versions of Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013.

  • Support for Adobe Acrobat XI.

    Time Matters Mobility was updated in April 2013 to add Document records access and the ability to email documents. Mobility now includes these record types:

  • Contacts

Time Matters 11.0

Released April 2011, Time Matters 11.0 includes a Mobility feature that allows you to access certain Contact and Matter information and enter and view Billing records on a smart phone. There is nothing to install on the phone. Just install the Mobility Access Manager (separate from the main Time Matters 11 installer), and configure Mobility users in Time Matters. Edits made to Mobility are saved directly to your Time Matters database.

Time Matters 11.0 Brochure

Time Matters 10.0

Time Matters 10.0 was released in September 2009, and has significant improvements:
  • SQL for all. No more Pro and Enterprise.  Upgraders from Time Matters Professional will move to a SQL database.

  • Desktop Extensions provide a way to view Time Matters information without opening the program.

  • Enhanced TM Outlook Connect lets you assign Staff and Classification Codes to emails linked from Outlook.

  • Enhanced Power Views, including 7-day, 30-day and 90-day activity views.

Time Matters 10.0 Brochure

Time Matters 9.0

Say "hello" to User Defined Records. Add up to five user-defined lists for storing data such as a cast of characters, closed files list or whatever you need to keep a record of that is not handled elsewhere in Time Matters. Version 9.0 also is visually improved with better use of color and a redesigned calendar, Power Views and Task Panel. Outlook users can now connect multiple emails at once to Time Matters. Version 9 lets you search faster and easier with a data indexer and list and global search boxes. View this presentation for more about Time Matters 9.0

Time Matters 9.0: It's a Whole New Look Presentation

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