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Founded in 1992 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we are now headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. We have helped hundreds of firms to better serve their clients by using computers effectively.

What We Do:

We help you to put your software to its best use, assuring you have the right product for the job, configured and delivered with the patient, professional training and ongoing support needed to make your investment worthwhile. We test and use the products we recommend in our own office.

We test and use the products we recommend in our own office. Consultants, like lawyers, have to manage case files and bill our clients. If a product is not good enough for us, it’s not good enough for you! We maintain certified status on a number of legal applications and regularly attend consultant and reseller conferences.

We work with top practice management solutions including:

Arita Damroze

Legal Technology Consultant

Arita has been a legal technology consultant for over twenty years. She is the President of A.B. Sims, LLC of Kansas City, Missouri, which provides technology consulting, training and support services to attorneys and other professionals.

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What Our Clients Are Saying:

Working with Arita is wonderful. She always figures out the problem quickly and solves it just as quickly. Her input and instructions to help me learn have been invaluable, succinct and immensely competent.

Alfreda MenloveAttorney at Law

As before, your help was very professional and invaluable. Dealing with you is always a pleasure.

Maggie KupiecStevenson Keppelman

As an attorney, I enjoy working with Arita because she is very "lawyer-like" in her logical, workman like approach to resolving issues related to Time Matters. My office has a unique set up in terms of how we employ the software, and Arita has been very flexible in working with our model. We are lucky to have found her!

Stacey RombergAttorney at Law

Thanks for your help...I cannot think of anyone else who can explain this system as well as you do.

Betsy L. Reeve, Office ManagerKnaggs, Harter, Brake & Schneider, P.C.