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Tabs3 Recent Versions Features

Tabs3 2024

Tabs3 has released version 2024 adding:

  • Tabs3 Connect has added the ability to install on your device.  Look here for instructions.
  • Windows Accounts Linking. Log in to Windows, and launch Tabs3 and PracticeMaster without entering another password.
  • NetDocuments integration allows client information to be pushed to NetDocuments.
  • Improved Conflict of Interest Search. You can now rebuild the Conflict/Contact index file while other users are in the software.
  • Tabs3 Billing Matter Manager improvements including access to these functions: updating a final statement, perform Split Billing and Adjust Flat fee

You can now work in Tabs3 from the web with 100% of the Billing and Financials functionality.  Tabs3 Cloud was officially released October 2023.  Contact us for details.

Tabs3 2023 Adds Client Portal

  • Invite your clients to log in to the Tabs3 Client Portal to view billing history, see balances and pay bills.



  • Separate portal for each of the client’s matters.

  • Optional separate code option for Portal payments and user.

  • Other new Tabs3 2023 features include Check Requests and a Tabs3 CRM add-on.

View a short video about Tabs3 2023 new features here.

Tabs3 2022 Enhancements

  • All Contacts in one place. Clients, billing contacts, related parties, vendors, payees, logon users, and timekeepers all appear on the Contacts list, eliminating the need for duplicate records.

  • New installer reduces the need to directly access the file server when installing future updates.
  • New look for SnapShots

  • My Fees List for Timekeepers

  • Totals at bottom of Lists

  • My Clients Unpaid tab on Statement Manager

  • Tabs3Pay payment links for Trust deposits with sample Email Template

Tabs3 2021 Enhancements

  • Updated the icons on the All Actions and My Actions pages of the Home page to provide a more modern look.

  • List views for clients, contacts, fees, costs, payments, client funds, and write offs!  From these lists you can sort, filter, report, customize and copy to Excel.

  • You can also filter list such as these Fees list filters for WIP or Archived, and and take actions such as changing the Status to Hold or Print.

  • Added the ability to drill down to payments via Matter Manager to quickly see which statement(s) the payment applied toward. This includes both work-in-process and archived payments. This page also shows information regarding associated Tabs3 General Ledger transactions and any payment adjustments.
  • Added the ability to drill down to an information page for a statement, payment, or write off when previewing reports such as the Client Ledger Report.
  • Added the ability to view write offs in the Matter Manager. Click on a write off to display a new page with details about how the write off was applied and the reason it was performed.
  • Added indicators in the Matter Manager to help you quickly determine aging information for unpaid statements.
  • Added a Send Email action to the Statement Manager, which automatically attaches a PDF of the selected statement to a new email message.

Portions from Tabs3 2021 Release Notes

For more new features view this short video: What’s New in Version 2021

Tabs3 2020 Adds Graphical Dashboard and LawPay Integration

Keep on top of your firm’s key financial data with the new Tabs3 Dashboard.  See Aged Receivables, Aged Work-in-Process and Cash Receipts in chart form.

Viewing options include fees, costs and  current and prior year.  You may filter the dashboard by Timekeeper, Category and Location.

Dashboard widgets present:

  • Accounts Receivable (Fees, Costs or All)
  • Work-In-Process (Fees, Costs or All)
  • Cash Receipts (multi-year with prior year comparison)

  • Billing History (multi-year with prior year comparison)

Also…Expanded Field Lengths!

Tabs3 now has longer field lengths including 255 characters for Miscellaneous 1-3, Full Name, Custom Fields and Work Description.

Integration with LawPay

You may now receive payments using your LawPay account direct into Tabs3.  With emailed statements, Tabs3 can automatically include a link to a LawPay payment page for the statement. When the client pays, the payments will appear in Tabs3.  The Pinned Actions list (added with version 19) shows the number of online payments waiting for import into Tabs3.

PracticeMaster 2020

PracticeMaster 2020, the case management companion to Tabs3, also includes several enhancements including All Day Events, display of Miscellaneous Description fields in the Matter Manager, expanded field lengths and ability to make certain settings without exclusive access.

Tabs3 version 2020 integrates with LawPay

  • Include payment links in you email bills template
  • Receive general and trust payments
  • Accept debit, credit and EFT transactions
  • Supports multiple LawPay accounts

Earlier Versions

Tabs3 Version 19

With this version, Tabs3 took on an entire new look!  Larger fonts, redesigned icons, navigation improvements including a tabbed interface.

Left: Pre-Version 19 task folders.  Right: Version 19 Actions.


A new Quick Launch panel includes Pinned Actions, Recent Actions and Recent Matters and to conveniently position frequently-used functions.

Tabs3 Version 18

Version 18 offers reporting improvements.  You no longer need to advance the reporting month to create date-based reports.

You may also print receipts for payments.

Tabs3 Version 17

Tabs3 version 17 added a number of options for bills that must be split among clients/payers. Split billing automation can save you hours of copying, pasting, editing and manually calculating the share owed by multiple payers. With Tabs3 17.1 you can:

  • Show the value before or after the split on the bill
  • Show a split billing summary on the bill breaking down Fees and Costs
  • Split hours and or amounts
  • Split credits
  • Split non-billable transactions
  • Undo split billing

Version 17 also includes numerous enhancements to PracticeMaster, the case management companion to Tabs3. These are in the area of document management, and contact and calendar management and integration with 3rd party software.

Tabs3 Version 16

Tabs3 version 16 improved the management of clients, matters and related parties. Version 16 distinguishes Clients from Contacts with a new Contact Manager. It elegantly handles individual and corporate contacts and easily lets you connect individuals to companies. All Clients are Contacts and version 16 adds your existing clients to the Contacts list. Contacts optionally synchronize with Outlook. Other version 16 enhancements include: Workflows to automate common tasks, automatic emailing of statements, a Matter Manager and an Inactivity report to track clients and matters with no activity within a certain time period.

Tabs3 Version 16.2

Tabs3 version 16.2 added:

  • The ability to exclude inactive timekeepers from the Recap of Hours Report
  • The ability to use a range of statement dates when reprinting statements.
  • The ability to create individual PDFs when reprinting multiple statements.
  • New Accounts Receivable by Timekeeper Report. (Platinum only)
  • Detail Accounts Receivable showing breakdown by timekeeper and cost type. (Platinum only)
  • Control font size in memo fields.
  • Improved Date Picker calendar.

Tabs3 Connect Web-Based Time Entry.

Tabs3 Connect, the web-based companion for Tabs3 and PracticeMaster is now available for Tabs3 users who don’t have PracticeMaster.  Tabs3 Connect includes: Fee and Cost Entry, Client List Access and Matter Manager access. Click here to view a video of Tabs3 Connect. Call 816-698-2488 for further information.