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Sage Timeslips Training and Support Services

Arita Damroze, a Timeslips consultant since 1988, will assist you with installation, setup, training and customization of Timeslips and related products. Arita is certified on and supports most versions of Timeslips including the discontinued DOS and early Windows versions and Timeslips for the Mac. Arita has worked with lawyers, engineers, accountants, and other professionals to help them save time and make more money by using Timeslips effectively. Call 816-698-2488 or click here to schedule a consultation.

Sage Timeslips Ends Perpetual Product and Moves to Tiered Subscription Pricing

Sage Timeslips Perpetual product ended in September 2020.  This is the license-only version of the product that Timeslips users have been familiar with for years.  After September 30, 2020 all upgrades and new purchases are to Sage Timeslips Premium.  Premium is generally the same as Timeslips Perpetual. The way it’s purchased is the difference.  Timeslips Premium is a subscription purchase requiring annual renewal.  If you have Timeslips 2019 or earlier, you may continue to use your product, but it will not be supported–i.e. no upgrades, additional licenses, add-ons or technical support.

In 2021, tiered subscription pricing for Timeslips Premium was introduced. Here is the annual cost for each tier.  Monthly subscriptions are also available.  Prices are subject to change.

  • Starter Tier – Single License Only – $568/year.
  • Standard Tier – $1,080/year for 1st license; $347/year each additional.
  • Pro Tier – 1-4 licenses, $1,433/year for 1st license; $459/year each additional.
  • Elite Tier – $1,599/year for 1st license; $511/year each additional.

The Starter Tier includes:

  • Billing Assistant
  • Reprint Bills
  • Spell & Grammar Check
  • TimeCapture
  • QuickBill
  • Close Clients, Timekeepers, Activities
  • Timeslips Import / Export
  • History Bill
  • A/R Transactions
  • Interest calculation
  • Write-offs
  • Refunds
  • Credits
  • Update Rates
  • Security: Password Access
  • Billing Arrangements on Slips w/ Adjustments
  • Billing Arrangements on Minimal Hours Flat Fee
  • Billing Arrangements on Minimal Flat Fee
  • Billing Arrangements on Maximum Flat Fee
  • Billing Arrangements on Contingency Flat Fee
  • Billing Arrangements on Absolute Flat Fee
  • Billing Arrangements on Flat Fee plus Charges
  • LawPay® CPACharge®, and ClientPay® Integration
  • Navigator and Procedure Edit
  • Unlimited support cases

The Standard Tier includes all of the Starter features plus:

  • Scheduled Backup
  • Timeslips Accounting Link to Sage 50®/QuickBooks®
  • Billing Arrangements on Slips w/Timekeeper adjustments
  • Billing Arrangements on Slips w/Activity adjustments
  • Billing Arrangements on Percent Complete Flat Fee
  • Electronic Billing Compatible
  • Restrict Slip Create
  • One eCenter Login included
  • Custom Reports
  • Unlimited support cases

The Pro Tier includes all of the Standard features plus:

  • Client Notes
  • Client Funds
  • TimeSheet
  • Billing Assistant Options: List of Ready to View Clients
  • Split Billing
  • Delete Temporary Slips
  • Client Second Address
  • Timeslips Today dashboard
  • Custom Fields: Activity
  • Fee Allocation
  • Timekeeper Email Address
  • Mini Slips View
  • Slip Attachments
  • Replacement Slips
  • Temporary Slips
  • Recurring Slips
  • Slip Bookmarks
  • Document Access
  • Create Slips from Email
  • Client and firm Alerts
  • Calculated Fields on Bills
  • Calculated Fields on Reports
  • Categories
  • Data Assistant Entry
  • Firm Assistant
  • Multiple Timers
  • Slip Triggers
  • Billing Arrangements on Progress Billing: Total
  • Billing Arrangements on Progress Billing: by activity
  • Billing Arrangement on Interim Billing: total
  • Slips by Email
  • Two eCenter Logins included
  • Unlimited support cases
  • Schedule support call

The Elite Tier includes all of the Pro features plus:

  • Three eCenter Logins included
  • Week View of calendar slip totals
  • Password Protected PDF
  • Client Contacts
  • Bill Reminders
  • Billing Troubleshooter
  • Undo Multiple Bills
  • Mail Merge
  • Slip Approval
  • Unlimited support cases
  • Schedule support calls
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