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Your Sage Timeslips® Questions Answered

My monthly totals report doesn't show payments for some clients.

TS 8 In the options box, check ‘Include unbilled payments’.

How do I group my clients by category?

TS 7/8: In TSReport select Settings, Custom Fields, add a field called Category. Make it Type List. Click Open List Entries and add the category names. In Client information, Custom Fields, assign each client to the appropriate category.

TS 9 and higher: Select Setup, Custom Fields. At the Client tab click New and add a new field called Category. Select List as the field type. The Attributes window will open. You may make it a required field by checking the box “This is a required field.” Click New to add categories to the the list. In Client information, Custom, assign each client to the appropriate category.

As a shortcut to fill in the category for several clients at once, use the Export feature to export the Category field value to other clients of the same category. You may now use the Category field to sort and select bills and reports.

Can I underline text within the description on my slips?

Yes, with Timeslips 8 and higher. Highlight the text to underline and right click. Select Underscore. You may also use this method to apply, bold, italics and combinations of these.

Which accounting programs link with Timeslips?

Quickbooks and Sage 50 Accounting

I'm still using an older version of Timeslips. What features have been added to the newer versions?

Click here for a list of features added to each version of Timeslips from version 6 through Timeslips 2020.

We're getting a new server. How do we re-install our Timeslips program to it?

Move the entire installation folder on the server, and all its subfolders from the old server to the new. If your data folder is not contained as a subfolder, move it also. To determine where your installation and data folders are, open Timeslips and select Help, About Sage Timeslips. Click Support Info. Here you will see the paths to the “Installation Folder” and “Database Folder.” You will then need to make sure that the Timeslips program at each workstations points to the new server location.

How does the Timeslips/QuickBooks link work?

Timeslips has provided a link to QuickBooks for many years. Timeslips Accounting Link Pro (TAL Pro) was significantly improved with Timeslips 2014. Read this article for information about the link.

I've created a custom section in the bill layout, but it doesn't show on the bill.

TS 7/8: You must check the custom section box in the Bill Format 2 panel of client information for clients who need the custom section. Use the Export feature if you want to export this setting to all clients. Also, be sure the correct bill layout is selected. The layout file name appears next to the Template button of the Bills window.

TS 9/10/11/2004:  You must check the Customizable Section 1 (or 2) box on the Format panel of client information for clients who need the custom section. Use the Export feature if you want to export this setting to all clients. Also, be sure the correct bill template is selected. The template file name appears on the Formats tab of the Generate Bills window.

How to I "write-off" a client's balance?

A write-off is a specific type of transaction in Timeslips that reduces a client’s balance. See this handout on Timeslips Transaction Types for a fuller description and a description of all other types of transactions available in Timeslips.

How do we charge a client a flat fee?

Several types of Flat Fee Arrangement are available in Timeslips.  These steps are for an Absolute Flat Fee where the client will be charged a fixed amount without regard to the value of the time slips.

Go to Client Information for that client.  Select Arrangement and pick Absolute Flat fee.


Click the Edit button to enter the amount and the number of bills for which you want to charge the flat fee. Use Perpetual to charge the fee every month, Number of Bills to set a number  of months, and Job to charge the fee once for the entire job.

With the Job option, you’ll need to set the status to Completed when the job is done and you want to go back to regular hourly billing.